GSoC: Show Me More

Last time we spoke the documentation was temporarily implemented using the GtkTooltip, making it simple to show the snippet of the documentation but imposible to make it interactive. That’s where the GtkPopover came in.

This widget provides options to mimic the behavior of the tool tip yet provides interface to customize the content to accommodate all the planned features. Now we can add more information from the documentation without taking up the entire screen.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 15.29.04

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 15.29.07

The design aspect of the card is still bit lacking since I have still not committed to how the XML file with the documentation is going to be parsed. Balancing the fact that there is no need to analyze the entire file, yet some more knowledge of the structure would help with better ability to style the text.

The current implementation of documentation can be found here. Any feedback will be appreciated.

If the card doesn’t want to show up, you might want to check the right panel if you actually have the documentation. I haven’t found a centralized system for all the documentation but if you install a package *-doc the specific library it will be automatically added to your Builder through Devhelp, for instance:

  • gtk3-devel-doc
    • GTK+ 3 Reference Manual
    • GAIL Reference Manual
    • GDK 3 Reference Manual
  • glib2-doc
    • GLib Reference Manual
    • GIO Reference Manual
    • GObject Reference Manual
  • webkitgtk3-doc
    • WebKitGTK+ Reference Manual

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